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Most beautiful cities and towns in Navarre


Artajona is a small village completely surrounded by medieval towers and fortified walls, known as El Cerco de Artajona (“The Wall of Artajona”).

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The picturesque region of Baztán is located in the north of Navarre. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, green valleys with typical white houses and

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Lerín is a small village with medieval origins in the west of Navarre. What especially draws attention to this village is that it is in

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Ochagavía is a picturesque village near the Pyrenees with beautiful stone streets and a natural environment. The ancient traditions ensure the essence of life

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Olite is a small town about 35 minutes drive from Pamplona, the capital of Navarre. Here is one of the most popular tourist attractions

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Pamplona or Iruña (in Basque) is the capital of Navarre. Among tourists, Pamplona is best known for the celebrations of San Fermín. But Pamplona is

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Puente la Reina

Puente la Reina was founded in the 12th century to populate the regions around the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. A walk through this village

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Tafalla is located in the heart of Navarra, about 30 minutes from Pamplona, the capital of Navarra. This city retains the medieval flavor

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Ujué is a beautiful medieval village and is included in the list of Los Pueblos más Bonitos de España (“The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain”). It

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