The scenic region Baztan is located in the north of Navarre. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, green valleys with the typical white houses and for its rich history. Every season is good to visit the Baztán.

This region owes its name to the Baztán River, which flows past numerous small villages. These picturesque villages, with their typical white houses with flowered balconies, evoke the essence of traditional Navarrese architecture. Baztán also includes the gripping suspense saga “Baztan Trilogy”, which can be seen on Netflix.

A beautiful viewpoint on the Baztán valley is located near the village of Zigaurre. It is located along the NA-2540 road and offers views of the villages of Zigaurre, Irurita, Gartzain, Ariztegi and Elizondo.

Traditional houses in the village of Erratzu

Villages in Baztan

In the Baztán region there are several villages worth a visit. The villages in this region are characterized by their typical white houses.


One of the most important villages in the Baztán region is Elizondo, also the capital of this region. The village of Elizondo is characterized by its picturesque streets with the typical white houses. The winding Bidasoa River cuts through the village, adding a touch of tranquility to the surroundings. Stone bridges connect the banks and invite you to take leisurely walks along the shore.

Traditional houses in Elizondo along the Bidasoa River

Here you can also admire historical buildings, such as the Town Hall and the Church of Santiago, which reflect centuries of architecture. In the village there are also mansions and palaces that once belonged to the aristocracy and show the grandeur of the past.


The village of Amaiur-Maya is also beautiful to visit. This village played a very important role in the struggle for independence Kingdom of Navarre. In 1512, the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon conquered much of Navarre with the aim of annexing the Kingdom of Navarre to their territory. As a result, Navarre lost its independence.

However, in Amaiur-Maya there was one big castle, where Navarrese troops were entrenched. Here there was fierce fighting against the invaders until Navarre became independent again in 1522. Another castle that played an important role during this time is the Castle of Javier.

Remains of the castle can be visited today, with one in the middle monolith which was built in 1922 as a tribute to the fallen troops who fought for Navarrese independence.

Monolith in Amaiur-Maya built as a tribute to the fallen troops

What else to visit in the Baztán region

In addition to Elizondo and Amaiur-Maya, Baztán is home to the well-known waterfall of Xorroxin. The walk up to the waterfall is perfect for relaxing with the whole family.

Close to the border with France is also the village of Zurragamurdi, which is known for legends about covens and witchcraft. Just 400 meters from this village, after a pleasant walk through the forest in which it is located, you will find access to the cave of Zugarramurdi. The dimensions of this cave are impressive: a 120 meter long natural tunnel with heights of up to 12 meters and two elevated galleries.

Cave of Zugarramurdi

It is also located in Zugarramurdi Museum of the Brujas (“Witch Museum”), which explores the socio-cultural origins of the witchcraft legends. This museum is recommended to visit before visiting the cave, as it helps to better understand what the cave meant to those who lived in Zugarramurdi. In addition to Spanish and Basque explanations, the museum also offers explanations in English and French. Here you can buy entrance tickets for both the cave and the museum.

Another cave is located 3 kilometers from Zugarramurdi, the cave of Urdazubi/Urdax. This cave is completely different from Zugarramurdi's. The cave of Urdazubi/Urdax is closed off from sunlight, unlike the cave of Zugarramurdi, and here you will find a beautiful collection of stalactites and stalagmites, formed over thousands and thousands of years. For more information about the cave of Urdazubi/Urdax and to buy entrance tickets, click here.

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