Ujue is a beautiful medieval village and is listed in the list of Los Pueblos más Bonitos de España (“The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain”). The village is located on top of the Sierra de Ujue. With its steep, labyrinthine streets, Ujué is also home to one of the most important monumental buildings of Navarre's medieval architecture. This is the Romanesque sanctuary-fortress of Santa Maria, which was built between the 11th and 14th centuries. This fort underwent restoration works from 2001 to 2010.

Fort met twee torens
The sanctuary-fortress of Santa María

This fort can be visited from the inside. The entrance costs 2 euros and is paid on the spot. An audio guide is also available to learn the history of this fort.

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin of Ujué

Inside this fortress is the valuable treasure of both the inhabitants of Ujué and many people from Navarre: the sculpture of the Blessed Virgin of Ujué. This statue is one of the finest, oldest and most revered examples of Romanesque sculpture in Navarre, dating from 1190. Several pilgrimages take place every year in honor of the Blessed Virgin of Ujué. Hundreds of people walk to Ujué from several nearby villages, some more than 25 kilometers away. This tradition has been taking place since the year 1043, usually at the end of April or beginning of May.

Mensen lopen met kruizen tijdens een bedevaart
Pilgrimage towards Ujué (in the background)

Activities in Ujué

If the Navarrese village of Ujué is known for something, besides being one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, it is for its delicious Migas del Pastor (“Breadcrumbs of the Shepherd”). Migas is one traditional dish with humble origins. In its most basic form, they were made with ingredients accessible to any shepherd. These ingredients are stale bread, lamb fat, garlic, water and salt.

Nowadays, more ingredients are used, such as tomato, serrano ham and mushrooms, achieving a perfect combination of flavors, colors and aromas. These migas can be found in many restaurants in Navarra, but for the authentic experience you have to go to Ujué.

These migas are so special to the people of Ujué that they even have a special day have in honor of this dish. The “Day of the Migas” is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of September. On this day, Ujué transforms into a lively and busy village with various craft stalls. Visitors can also enjoy other typical products from Ujué, such as almendras garrapinadas (“caramelized almonds”), which are also very popular.

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