Ochagavía is a picturesque village near the Pyrenees with beautiful stone streets and a natural environment. The ancient traditions ensure that the essence of the life of the ancestors is preserved.

It is located in the Salazar Valley, at the confluence of the Anduña and Zatoya rivers. Also, it is surrounded by a green landscape characterized by mountains and lush forests.

Witte huizen met rode daken naast een rivier
A row of beautiful traditional houses next to the Anduña river

The most emblematic image of Ochagavía can be found on the main street of the village. This stone bridge built over the course of the Anduña River looks almost picture perfect. It is a medieval bridge that has survived almost intact.

Middeleeuwse stenen brug van Ochagavia met witte huizen op de achtergrond
Medieval stone bridge over the Anduña river

In addition to the beautiful houses and the various bridges along the river, the religious architecture is also striking. The hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Muskilda is a Romanesque temple built at the end of the 12th century whose position offers an incomparable view of the valley and the village of Ochagavía itself. The architecture of this hermitage is very similar to the traditional style of Navarrese farmhouses.

Also notable in Ochagavía is the church of San Juan Evangelista, which houses three Renaissance altarpieces and valuable pieces of goldsmith work.

Een kluizenarij in Navarra met witte muren en een kegelvormig dak
Nuestra Señora de Muskilda hermitage
Een kerk in Ochagavía, met witte huizen aan de voorkant
The San Juan Evangelista Church

It is also a destination known as one of the gateways to it Irati Forest, the second best preserved oak and pine forest in Europe, after the Black Forest in Germany.

Recommended accommodations near Ochagavía

The first recommended accommodation concerns an apartment with a view of the village. This apartment has recently been renovated and is very nicely and modernly furnished, and the host and hostess are very nice people. The second accommodation we recommend because it is very modern and luxurious, but also affordable. This hotel also has its own restaurant and tour desk to it Irati Forest and explore the village of Ochagavía as best as possible. Our last recommended accommodation is it Hotel Rural Auñamendi. This one is a bit more traditional, and also has its own restaurant and a delicious breakfast.

Recommended restaurants

Originally from the Basque Country, but also very typical in Navarra, are the so-called sidrerias (“Cider Houses”). Here are wooden barrels with cider, where you can drink unlimited cider. In addition to delicious cider, typical Navarrese dishes are often served here, as well as grilled meat and fish. Our first recommended restaurant in Ochagavía is therefore the sidreria Kixkia, where you can enjoy Navarrese dishes, grilled meat or fish, and unlimited cider. In addition, the restaurant of the Hotel Rural Auñamendi also very tasty food served.


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