Waterfall of Xorroxin

The waterfall of Xorroxin is located in the Baztan region of northern Navarre. It is a pleasant walk to the waterfall, which can be reached from the parking lot at the entrance of the village of Erratzu. The whole family can enjoy this beautiful walk, which takes about 2 hours (1 hour to the waterfall and 1 hour back), surrounded by beech and chestnut trees.

The Xorroxin waterfall, surrounded by lush vegetation

This beautiful waterfall is located on the Iñarbegi River, a tributary of the Bidasoa. It has a height of about 4 meters and is surrounded by lush vegetation.

It not only offers a visual spectacle, but also a refreshing experience. After a leisurely walk, there is the opportunity to swim in the cool, crystal-clear water below the waterfall.

The stroll

The hike up to Xorroxin waterfall is about 7 kilometers round trip. It starts from the village of Erratzu, where the car can also be parked. In the summer you have to reserve your parking space, that one here can be reserved for free.

Start of the walk in the village of Erratzu

Even though the route is circular, on hot days it is recommended to return via the same path, as the way back does not pass through the forest. Where it is unclear where the route continues, there are signs with “Xorroxin” on them. You can see the route below:

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