Bardenas Reales

The Bardenas Reales is a semi-desert in the southeast of Navarra. This is one of Navarre's most popular attractions thanks to its enchanting gorges and plateaus that look almost moon-like. It is not recommended to go to the Bardenas when it is very hot or when it is raining. The best months to visit the Bardenas are between September and June.

In the year 2000, UNESCO declared the Bardenas Reales a biosphere reserve. In recent years it has become more popular among tourists due to the appearance of this place in the TV series Game of Thrones.

Rotsformaties met planten in een woestijnachtig landschap
The spectacular rock formations of the Bardenas Reales

The most famous rock formations are called the Bardenas Reales Castildetierra and Pisquerra. It is the result and best example of the erosion process that this site has undergone for millions of years. Castildetierra is located northwest of the Bardenas, in the center of the area known as La Blanca Baja. To visit the most special rock formations in the Bardenas Reales, it is recommended to take one tour to get to know the story behind the Bardenas Reales better.

Woestijnachtig landschap met een hoge rotsformatie in het midden
The most famous rock formation, also known as Castildetierra

Activities in the Bardenas Reales

The Bardenas has over 700 kilometers of back roads for the enjoyment of nature lovers. There are many companies that offer guided tours of this magical place, with the possibility of visiting the Bardenas by segway to visit with 4×4 all-terrain vehicles, buggies or quads even by horse. These companies also offer the option of renting (electric) mountain bikes and 4×4 off-road vehicles.

However, you can also explore the Bardenas with your own car or bicycle. Due to the vastness of the area (42,500 hectares), there are several access points. Access to the Natural Park is mainly from the village of Arguedas, although it can also be reached via other secondary entrances. Below you will find the route by car from Arguedas to the two most famous rock formations:

For more information about the accesses, click here.

The Bardenas is also located nearby Senda Viva, An theme park with a combination of attractions and various animal species. It is the largest family recreation park in Spain. Some examples of attractions in this park include a bobsleigh track, free fall and a 650 meter long zip line. In addition, several shows are performed and there are many activities especially for children.

The park also focuses on the protection of endangered species, with the care of these species being one of the objectives.

Twee zebras in een dierenpark
Zebras in Senda Viva

Recommended accommodations near Bardenas Reales

The best accommodations near the Bardenas Reales are in the nearby village of Arguedas and also in Tudela. Our recommended accommodations offer a diversity of experiences. Alojamiento Rural La Alberca is known for its hospitality and is ideal for travelers who love nature. It is located very close to the Bardenas Reales. In addition, we recommend Apartamento Mercadal for apartment lovers. For the most adventurous Hotel Aire de Bardenas Highly recommended for a special and original overnight stay.

Recommended restaurants

Our first recommended restaurant is Restaurante Bardenas, located in the village of Arguedas. In this restaurant they serve simple but typical and tasty Navarrese dishes. We recommend it for grill lovers Restaurante Asador Bardenas Camping located in the village of Villafranca. This restaurant specializes in grilled meat and fish. Furthermore, this campsite provides excellent accommodation, especially during the summer months. Restaurant Le Bistrot is also recommended. It is located in Tudela. However, this is a restaurant for people who like more refined food.


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